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This just in from Amazon–“Margaret Langstaff, A customer just told us your review helped them shop for DEPRAVED AND INSULTING ENGLISH”

Hahahaha… glad to be of help. “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”  … even an inch to Bescumblers, Pizzles et al. When life has become alothen, this is a good alternative to allochezia. And an anodyne for … Continue reading

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Is the Real Vanishing?

Originally posted on Chad Ference:
Morgan Freeman, the actor with the godlike voice, works in mysterious ways. As it happened, he helped me to understand more fully the first chapter of Jean Baudrillard’s The Illusion of the End, a postmodern meditation…

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Have you read or are you reading PRESENT SHOCK by Douglas Rushkoff?

I am midway through it now and finding it disturbing, stimulating, revealing about many burning issues of our time. Particularly what Rushkoff has to say about: THE COLLAPSE OF NARRATIVE THE FALSE NOW THE DISSONANCE BETWEEN OUR DIGITAL LIVES AND … Continue reading

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The Origin Of Species: The Musical

Originally posted on Delight Through Logical Misery:
The curtains go up. On the Origin of Species, published on 24 November 1859 by Charles Darwin is considered (correctly I would argue) to be the foundation of evolutionary biology. Its original full title was On the…

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Writing 2.3 – A Contract with the Reader

Originally posted on brainsnorts inc.:
When I took a graduate class called “Writing the Novel” a few years ago, I learned two very important things.  First, if you tell a writer that her work in progress is a romance novel…

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Albert Camus and the ventriloquists

This blog and conversation are amazing and have given me a glimpse of a glimmer of hope that Literature might survive the onslaught of online thieves and snippers/quippers. One and all, the voices are authentic, intelligent and discerning. So rare … Continue reading

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Oranges in a Sunny Chair: Wallace Stevens’ “Sunday Morning”

Sunday traditionally has been a time for reflection, easy speculation, and many of us call a truce with the nattering details of our lives to indulge our senses and explore with greater interest and attention the possible sense in things (if anything). Poetry, the best, … Continue reading

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