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The Sound of One Leg Rapping

Cricket song in the summer, particularly at night, is one of the wonders and pleasures of the season.  Their sweet tinny chorus rises and falls resonantly,  is the soundtrack for a host of happy outdoor activities this time of year, and … Continue reading

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Musing: Can you hear what I’m writing?

Smart young writer. Cites the right guys! Watch this doll, she’s onto something 😉

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Love Fled

The creative person’s life is full of bunny trails, astonishments/surprises (most pulled off by the powerful imagination which hides out, resides in the murk of the unconscious.  It will not be thwarted; it will prevail.). One thing leads to another.  … Continue reading

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It’s inevitable.  It’s part of life. It doesn’t get any easier. Loss piled upon loss probably can become too much for some people. After putting up the previous post about my poor ole sweet dogs and parrot, Eddie, Booger and … Continue reading

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Under the Bo Tree

I am a sometime artist (although I always think of myself as primarily a writer), and I  was rifling through some boxes of prints and stuff today looking for a pen and ink drawing I did of another author some years … Continue reading

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Show Off Your Love For Public Radio With These NPR Temporary Tattoos

Originally posted on Flavorwire:
How else would you show your obsessive love for Ira Glass and Terry Gross and the rest of the NPR gang other than by permanently branding yourself a public radio devotee? And if that seems like…

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Name That Chick

I have been scarce around here because of 1) weather related events (featuring falling trees and tree frogs)  2) a contretemps with a “publicity consultant” 3) a nuclear war with my husband  (he lost as far as I am concerned, … Continue reading

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