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Alligators All Around — Maurice Sendak

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Go Gators, jeese. It’s footbaaaallll season AND HURRICANE SEASON. A coinky-dink that propels a tornadic plot with a stormy heroine (whose most distinctive quality? hoisting herself on her own petard) THE DEVIL, THE DIVA & THE DEEP BLUE SEA……….. reading

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DON’T TRIP ON THE TROPES: “There Came a Day at Summer’s Full Entirely for Me”

(c) Copyright 2013, Margaret Langstaff, All Rights Reserved. Here is another beautiful example of Emily Dickinson‘s “sacramental” relationship with the natural world (cf., my previous posts).         THERE came a day at summer’s full Entirely for me; I … Continue reading

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“This book will part your hair”

Here in the dubious off-kilter state of Florida, it’s coming on “the season.” Those clued into what that means notice their hair stands on end with more alacrity than is usual at NOAA news of happenings (waves, depressions, rotations) as … Continue reading

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Why major in humanities? Not just for a good job — for a good life–today’s WASHINGTON POST

Thank God, someone wrote a cogent, well-informed and supported piece about this (so I don’t have to). If you want to be a one dimensional moron, go for the money and a tech or highly specialized job. If you want … Continue reading

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