What’s So Funny?

laughing hyena     Neuroscientists Think (?) They’ve Nailed Laughter–NY Times

I wonder what Mark Twain or Woody Allen or David Sedaris (even) would make of this recent NY Times piece.  Would that I could get their reactions.

Endorphins!  The source of the pleasure we get in a ripping guffaw!  Yeah, well, so?  And?  Not much.

They do, however, own up to the fact that something acts as a catalyst to cause the hahaha (a homo sapiens upgrade to ape-like panting) with the release of the endorphins.

But, nah, sorry, they haven’t cracked what makes something funny yet 😉

Stay tuned.

Somehow I get the feeling that these guys have no sense of humor whatsoever.

About Margaret Jean Langstaff

A lifelong critical reader with literary tastes, a novelist, short story writer, essayist, book critic, and professional book editor for many years. A consultant to publishers and authors, providing manuscript critiques and a full range of editorial services. A friend and supporter of all other readers and writers. A collector of signed modern first editions. Animal lover and tree hugger. Follow me on Twitter @LangstaffEditor
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8 Responses to What’s So Funny?

  1. It’s not a very interesting subject when you write about it with a straight face. The picture you chose is hilarious and meaningful. I love it, ha, ha, ha.


  2. Only interesting (and funny) thing I got out of it was that the neuro-gurus have determined that animals have a sense of humor too and, in fact, laugh. Maybe not as loud and crudely as hyenas (above), but they pant, cackle, snort, grunt and carry on delightedly over absurd or ridiculous situations. Well, I could have told them that. I am the butt of daily jokes and pranks from my dogs and sometimes even my horses. “The Missing Boot” is the current source of hilarity. What boot? Where?


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