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As of 3/14/2014,GOOD PEOPLE DOING GREAT THINGS now has its OWN SITE! It’s still sketchy, only three posts so far, but it will flesh out fairly quickly. Please … visit, follow and, most of all, participate and contribute. We … Continue reading

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“Why are we by all creatures waited on?”

  What can one add to a poet like Donne? Exegesis is pointless John Donne

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“Do It Anyway”–Mother Teresa

Inspiration comes from so many unlooked for sources when one is on the right track and in need of it.  Pondering how to shape, schedule and present the new upcoming interview series here, GOOD PEOPLE DOING GREAT THINGS, I stumbled … Continue reading

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What We Must Do

Good People Doing Great Things  

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BOOKS AS WIDGETS?  For the price of a sandwich?  (A short excerpt fm an essay from the New Yorker) “Afterward, [after meeting Bezos] Doeren told his partner at Rainy Day Books, “I just met the world’s biggest snake-oil salesman. It’s … Continue reading

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Good People Doing Great Things

Some recent events and encounters with certain passionate non-fiction authors have put a burden on my heart, a sense of responsibility or obligation  to help speed them on their way any way I can.  These are generous-hearted, non-judgmental, self-less souls … Continue reading

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The Library of America

If I am not careful, I am going to start sounding like a stodgy member of the literary establishment–NOT!  I think serious writers have to keep their distance–a safe one–from received opinion in order to access what it is that might … Continue reading

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Those edgy New Yorker covers!

A Christmas issue of the New Yorker knocked my socks off with its depiction of Pope Francis on his back in a snow drift making a snow angel (see below). Brilliant and funny all at once. Now I find in … Continue reading

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For non-writers, yet voracious readers, this has always been a question tantamount to asking where did the universe come from? The sources seem so mysterious, inexplicable and almost supernatural. Veteran writers, on the other hand, writers who have been at … Continue reading

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Scrapers and Slackers, Particularly Students: Take Note

Hate to be a bear about this, but have discovered to my intense annoyance that some of my posts about Emily Dickinson‘s works and Flannery O’Connor as well as an assortment of other exhortations to writers and fulminations about other … Continue reading

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