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HURRY! TIME RUNNING OUT – “NEWS FLASH – FREE BOOK PROMOTION – Twilight’s Indian Princess July 1 – 5”

[Update!  7/3/14   #2 in Literary Fiction Satire,  #4 Literary Fiction Humor!] ___________________________________________________________________________ As part of the launch of this title and to introduce the series to the widest possible audience, CHP is running a FREE BOOK PROMO JULY 1 – 5 … Continue reading

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From Wallace Steven’s “Examination of the Hero in Time of War”

Wallace Stevens, magnifico American poet of the mid-twentieth century, a giant truly whom general readers are only now beginning to appreciate. For Stevens, Imagination was the supreme faculty of mankind. Utterly mysterious, transformative, redemptive and given to only a privileged … Continue reading

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The Scoop, The Dish – “Twilight’s Indian Princess”

FREE BOOK PROMOTION FOR THIS TITLE JULY 1 – 5 Amazon link _______________ About the Book Briefly, it’s Literary with a Southern flavor. It has a lovable daft heroine who can’t get out of her own way. She is … Continue reading

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“Twilight’s Indian Princess” – a new story

Sarah Sloan McCorkle of Piney Point, TN is a smart, hard-working schoolteacher, a good wife and great mother, who “married down”—according to her Southern aristocrat mother. Way down. One day she finds herself at the end of her rope, exhausted, … Continue reading

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“Some Place” (is better than no place at all)

In the rural South, if you are a newbie in town, or just passing through, and pull into a truck stop or Mini-Mart, for however brief a time and however chintzy a purchase, you are sure to be asked a … Continue reading

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An Author’s Query for Info About Stanley Elkin and William Gass

  This just in– I have been briefly corresponding with a researcher-scholar and novelist who is seeking sound information regarding the Elkin-Gass friendship, both personal and professional, to wit, their relationship.  Both of these literary lions were/are profs at Washington … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s Hard to Get Any Work Done Around Here

Riley’s tongue merged with my lips in this photo (his intention surely), and my lips are not a threat to Angela Jolie, I promise you, but you get the picture.  I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I live on a small farm … Continue reading

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