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T.S Eliot Lite

Stumbled on this on You Tube, for what it’s worth.  Was looking for him reading his lecture “The Music of Poetry.” Not there.  Figures. TS Eliot Lite

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“The Second Coming”–Circles or Lines? Cyclical or Linear? – History, Life and “Us”

I had a fascinating exchange of emails with a gifted poet recently about a poem he had written entitled “Circles.”Initially, I had mis-read the poem, missed his intent and allusions (happens to all of us on off days ;). And … Continue reading

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The Music of Poetry: Prosody

OK, soapbox time. Maxed out. Had my fill of the effulgence of tone deaf poetry lately. Most poetry written today exhibits a tin ear on the part of the poet and dooms it from the get go. The problem with … Continue reading

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“Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads in Them” – Why Bother with Poetry?

This poem by the contentious, straightforward major American poet Marianne Moore came to mind tonight and I thought it was worth sharing. Cogently and succinctly she takes on the common objections and antipathy of the general public to the reading … Continue reading

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The Anonymous Ancient Poets Often Said it Better and More Memorably

Haunted by these lines tonight, their rawness and honesty. A straight shot of the unvarnished longing in everyone’s heart.  No dodges, frills, or confounding metaphors. Said to date from 16th century, but it feels earlier, more primal than than that … Continue reading

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Have Hit a Major Roadblock – POETS ON POETRY – No “Emotional Slither!”

My library is fated to swell and I to be buried in the falling, cascading books from the shelves. An appropriate end for a misspent life, I suppose, monomaniacally focused on books. Have unearthed a modest looking old paperback anthology … Continue reading

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Apropos of Byron (previous post) and his Romancing …

What woman could withstand the following blandishments and adulation? [ Byron did, after all, write an epic poem about Don Juan (considered his masterpiece)–and no one challenged his qualifications to speak with authority on Don Juan, either ;)] But back … Continue reading

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