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Mark Twain for President – 1879

MARK TWAIN * A Presidential Candidate I have pretty much made up my mind to run for President. What the country wants is a candidate who cannot be injured by investigation of his past history, so that the enemies of … Continue reading

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There’s Something About a Man in Uniform

This is off topic for this literary blog (unless I try to tie it to the many fine novels written about the travails of the military in wartime, which I won’t.).  But I observed an incident at the checkout at … Continue reading

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Hibiscus Christmas: A Child’s Christmas in Florida

(c) Copyright 2014, Margaret Langstaff, All rights reserved [I don’t know if this is kosher or cool to re-post an oldie like this, but it still speaks volumes to me and suggests pretty clearly what a weirdly different place Florida … Continue reading

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Dangerous Times

This is off-topic but has become THE topic for me recently as a result of some heartbreaking events I have observed and tried to ameliorate. So excuse the soapbox schtick and oratory but attend.  This is important. More important than … Continue reading

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The Music of Poetry: Prosody

OK, soapbox time. Maxed out. Had my fill of the effulgence of tone deaf poetry lately. Most poetry written today exhibits a tin ear on the part of the poet and dooms it from the get go. The problem with … Continue reading

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Good People Doing Great Things

Some recent events and encounters with certain passionate non-fiction authors have put a burden on my heart, a sense of responsibility or obligation  to help speed them on their way any way I can.  These are generous-hearted, non-judgmental, self-less souls … Continue reading

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Looking for Relief from a Flood of Email?

My recent hacking trauma has sent me to the ramparts, and I find myself increasingly on a soapbox railing against many things digital of late, things which are just plain stupid, often mean-spirited and a waste of time. [Bear with me, … Continue reading

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