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This Quiet Dust

      (c) Copyright 2013 Margaret Langstaff, All Rights Reserved [What follows is a rambling, ruminative follow-up to a book review I recently posted on Goodreads. Books that address ultimate questions often have such a residual effect on readers. I beg … Continue reading

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Ian McEwan is killing me

Originally posted on One Writer and his Blog:
I don’t know about you, but reading people’s posts and seeing them publish their books, is beginning to make me wonder whether I have what it takes and sometimes its truly depressing.…

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Need to Chill?

Sometimes you just really need to kick back, detach, and escape from the nattering, frustrating minutia and bad news of everyday life. Especially today. One of my favorite poets is my perfect fix for this desperate neediness, and one of … Continue reading

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Who Will Speak for You? Why Writing Well Matters

[Note: I suspect the following is preaching to the choir for most readers of this humble blog. Even so it may prove useful to them in making a point, enlightening those under their tutelage or as fodder for a lively … Continue reading

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Does Art Imitate Life? Or…Life Imitate Art?

Speaking of Shakespeare (as we were here recently), I had a major Shakespeare “moment” three weeks ago when a plot element from my most recent novel worked its awful insidious way into my own life. The Devil, the Diva and … Continue reading

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