Review Copies

FREE BOOKS! Not Many, but Some Real Barn Burners!

Each month I’ve informally off the record given away review copies of my books, usually three to five a month, to my followers with the understanding these eager readers will post an honest and, more or less (haha), intelligent review on Amazon and Goodreads of the book after finishing it . I’ve decided to formalize this a bit, because it’s easy for me to lose track of who’s reading what and where to look for new reviews. My nascent sense of fairness is at work here too.  Everyone who’s interested ought to have a fair chance, right?
Take a look at the “Books and Publications” page on my blog, and if something strikes your fancy and you would like a gratis copy, leave me a comment at the bottom of the page or send me an email. (Don’t forget to mention the title!) and that will put you in line for the next first-of-the-month “book drop,” on a first come first served basis.
Tip: The Florida mysteries are by far the most popular reader-pleasers, and there are more titles coming in its series, “Garnet Sullivan Live from Florida.”
The rules and regs of this largess may change slightly from time to time, but will remain basically the same.  I’ve got a great legion of avid readers following the blog and appreciate your company and conversations immensely. I hope you like the idea and take advantage of it. I love to hear from my readers.
BTW, these will be e-books formatted for Kindle. Shipping costs for paperbacks make giving them away prohibitive. Also look for a new Garnet Sullivan Live from Florida mystery in coming months.  It’s tentatively titled FROND MEMORIES and features (egad!) SHARKS, both human and marine.
So simple as that, want a free review copy, add your name and the title to the list by emailing me at address below. And happy reading!
PS–most of the books have received raves, so they are a fair bet at no cost to you.
PPS- To send me a private email about reserving review copies, shoot it off to: Come and get ‘em!


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