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What’s the Big Idea?

I was scratching my head yesterday at the astronomical number of new books on writing on the market today–most by people I’ve never heard of before with slim writing resumes and credentials.  If you take the time to examine enough … Continue reading

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“Authors are Upset at Amazon. Again.” — New York Times

[In a surprisingly candid and forceful piece the NYT 12/27/14 covers the widespread  Kindle author rage at Amazon’s latest bells and whistles–“enhancements” which cost ’em big bucks. Some best-selling authors have seen income drop by as much as 75%—] Brief … Continue reading

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Too Many Bad Books? The Status of Books Continues to Plummet

(c) Copyright 2014, Margaret Langstaff, All Rights Reserved  “When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.” –Erasmus Wow, have times changed all that much? Every author and publisher … Continue reading

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BOOKS AS WIDGETS?  For the price of a sandwich?  (A short excerpt fm an essay from the New Yorker) “Afterward, [after meeting Bezos] Doeren told his partner at Rainy Day Books, “I just met the world’s biggest snake-oil salesman. It’s … Continue reading

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Amazon Publishing Gets a Black-Eye from Other Booksellers and Publishers

      Amazon has annoyed and frustrated many over the years, particularly authors and publishers, with its insistence it was “their way or the highway.” And true to say, it seemed that Amazon could do whatever it darn well pleased, could … Continue reading

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The Universe According to Sarah Jo McCorkle of Viburnum Lane

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (e.g., anything with a pulse on this planet) A Matter of Ultimate Significance A Major Advancement in Human Knowledge  *S*H*O*C*K*I*N*G Paradigm Shift `Coming Soon from CHP   The Viburnum Lane Bubble Bath Hypothesis & The New … Continue reading

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