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THE ART OF MEMOIR by Mary Karr (author of The Liar’s Club)

[NOTE: Having just finished editing two massive and interesting/ well written memoirs, ‘The Art of Memoir’ by Mary Karr is of immense interest to me. Questions are raised that can’t be answered conclusively, yet they must be raised. Very intelligent … Continue reading

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Why Every Writer Needs a Good Copy Edit – Great Advice from Freelancers Union!

My lovable, esteemed writing colleagues, most of you know by now that in addition to being an “author” (more than 20 books so far, about half of them ghostwritten on a contract basis for public figures), I am also a … Continue reading

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Free Books! Not Many, But Good Ones

[Also posted as separate page on the blog] Review Copies Each month I’ve informally off the record given away review copies of my books, usually three to five a month, to my followers with the understanding these eager readers will … Continue reading

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Writers & Reviews

Though many author friends of mine claim they “never look at reviews” of their books, assuming the transparently fake pose of pretending utter indifference and total superiority to what the mass of the reading public may actually think of their … Continue reading

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Finally! A Tutorial for Book Busters and Writer Biters!

[Just have to pass this on] Attn.:  Book Trolls, Author Flamers Running out of helpless, vulnerable life forms to torment? Can’t get a rise outta any old author anywhere anymore? Check it out, you vermin and varlets– 14 Ways to Tick Off … Continue reading

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On the Need for Critics, and the Means by which their Field might be Improved

Originally posted on digital didascalia:
In an interview with Nathan Rabin over at the A.V. Club in May of 2007, Louis C.K. remarked with pointed reprobation the distinction between critic and reviewer:  To me, there’s a huge difference between criticism…

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