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All Is Well That Ends Well – Goodreads Catastrophe Reversed!

FINALLY the problem seems to be solved.  I’m holding my breath, though. Shouldn’t have taken so long IMHO in view of the length of my membership, my activity as a reviewer and author. Anyway, dear friends, WHEW!!!

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Time to Update Your Book Marketing Methods!

I ran across the following article online the other day and thought it was quite timely and helpful for most authors.  Here is a brief excerpt, and you can (and should!) read the rest by clicking on the link at … Continue reading

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Marlin, Darlin’ by Margaret Jean Langstaff

Originally posted on Rosie Amber:
Marlin, Darlin’: Garnet Sullivan Live from Florida #1 by Margaret Jean Langstaff My rating: 5 of 5 stars Marlin, Darlin’ is a very well written and fun mystery set in Florida. Garnett Sullivan earns her…

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Writers & Reviews

Though many author friends of mine claim they “never look at reviews” of their books, assuming the transparently fake pose of pretending utter indifference and total superiority to what the mass of the reading public may actually think of their … Continue reading

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Flannery O’Connor on Writing: You Are Always Bounded by What You Can Make Live …

Here  are a few short ones (all I have time for right now, apologies) but they may keep a certain sort thinking, chewing on them, for a while in spite of their brevity– “The sense of place is very highly developed in Southerners.” The … Continue reading

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A Few Voice Lessons for Young Writers

(c) Copyright 2013, Margaret Langstaff, All Rights Reserved There is a lot of Hoopdeedoodle (Elmore Leonard’s wonderful term) about the Secret Sacred Writing Mysteries only one click away and readily available to desperate earnest young writers. Publishers have clued into … Continue reading

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“This Book Will Part Your Hair” Some Reflections on the Current Climate and Practice of Book Reviewing

(c) Copyright 2013, Margaret Langstaff All Rights Reserved   I’ve been at the writing game many years and have published several books along the way. Early on I used to agonize over reviews and reader comments and tie myself up … Continue reading

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