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“The Frog in my Boot by the Door” a prose poem

Note: I have been so busy editing books for other writers that I have had almost no time to do my regular blogging.  I hope you’ll forgive me dear friends, but I have come up with sort of a makeshift … Continue reading

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“How Do You Know (that you believe) You Are Wearing Socks?” from NYT Opinionator

Just have to share this.  A short piece on how far removed academic Philosophy (the discipline) has become  from our big perennial “burning questions” as human beings. It struck me as hilarious and showed how potentially ridiculous academic Philosophy (the … Continue reading

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This Quiet Dust

      (c) Copyright 2013 Margaret Langstaff, All Rights Reserved [What follows is a rambling, ruminative follow-up to a book review I recently posted on Goodreads. Books that address ultimate questions often have such a residual effect on readers. I beg … Continue reading

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