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All Is Well That Ends Well – Goodreads Catastrophe Reversed!

FINALLY the problem seems to be solved.  I’m holding my breath, though. Shouldn’t have taken so long IMHO in view of the length of my membership, my activity as a reviewer and author. Anyway, dear friends, WHEW!!!

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Marlin, Darlin’ – Special Weekend Sale

[re-posted from my Goodreads blog this a.m.]  Hello Good Readers and Friends– I want to give you a heads up on the special pricing for this weekend of what Goodreads calls my “most popular” novel and one that made the … Continue reading

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Who Will Speak for You? Why Writing Well Matters

[Note: I suspect the following is preaching to the choir for most readers of this humble blog. Even so it may prove useful to them in making a point, enlightening those under their tutelage or as fodder for a lively … Continue reading

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