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This just in from Amazon–“Margaret Langstaff, A customer just told us your review helped them shop for DEPRAVED AND INSULTING ENGLISH”

Hahahaha… glad to be of help. “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”  … even an inch to Bescumblers, Pizzles et al. When life has become alothen, this is a good alternative to allochezia. And an anodyne for … Continue reading

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Bile Assaults: is bile really that bad?

Originally posted on Delight Through Logical Misery:
The four types of temperament proposed by humorism. Or how nobody has ever looked ever. Something had me thinking about bile recently. I can’t be sure what it was and I wouldn’t want…

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Virginia Woolf on Words

Good grief, I was just trying to say some of the same things, struggling to explain to someone the fragility and friability of language, what a writer can reasonably expect and accomplish with it, took a break and tripped over … Continue reading

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