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The Father’s Eye. . .

I clipped this beautiful poem from the New York Times years ago.  It still remains one of my all-time Christmas favorites. So subtle, understated and allusive.  Thought I’d share while wishing you the joy of this miraculous season! Pardon the … Continue reading

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“It all comes out of that first line.”– E.L. Doctorow, 1931-2015

Writing advice and memories from prolific, revered literary American Novelist, E.L. Doctorow (Ragtime, The March, Billy Bathgate and more!) From The New York Times (with video interview!) E. L. Doctorow: 1931-2015   (link) By Emily B. Hager | Jul. 22, … Continue reading

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“Authors are Upset at Amazon. Again.” — New York Times

[In a surprisingly candid and forceful piece the NYT 12/27/14 covers the widespread  Kindle author rage at Amazon’s latest bells and whistles–“enhancements” which cost ’em big bucks. Some best-selling authors have seen income drop by as much as 75%—] Brief … Continue reading

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“How Do You Know (that you believe) You Are Wearing Socks?” from NYT Opinionator

Just have to share this.  A short piece on how far removed academic Philosophy (the discipline) has become  from our big perennial “burning questions” as human beings. It struck me as hilarious and showed how potentially ridiculous academic Philosophy (the … Continue reading

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The Writing Life and Dealing with the Inevitable Failures (from the New York Times)

[An excerpt from an honest and compassionate look at the terrors and disappointments unique to the writing life.  Recommended!]    “In my view a writer is a writer because even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do … Continue reading

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“Poetry: Who Needs It?” by William Logan in today’s NY Times

“The dirty secret of poetry is that it is loved by some, loathed by many, and bought by almost no one.”—William Logan ~.~ I know several readers of this humble blog (including its writer) are deeply interested in poetry. Many … Continue reading

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Relative to our focus on “Good People Doing Great Things” (soon to have its own site on WP) is a telling, informative editorial in yesterday’s Sunday, New York Times. “The Compassion Gap” New York Times, Sun., Mar. 2, 2014 by … Continue reading

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Looking for Relief from a Flood of Email?

My recent hacking trauma has sent me to the ramparts, and I find myself increasingly on a soapbox railing against many things digital of late, things which are just plain stupid, often mean-spirited and a waste of time. [Bear with me, … Continue reading

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Why Do We Read and Write Fiction?

In a strange coincidence both the New York Times and the New Yorker published within two days’ time (Dec.8 and 9) two thoughtful and resonant essays by top literary critics about fiction, its whys and wherefores, its challenges and attractions, … Continue reading

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New Online Emily Dickinson Archive

This reclusive, intensely shy and private poet, virtually ignored by the literati during her 19th century  lifetime, has acquired a staying power and an exponentially growing reputation today that would have shocked the socks off the people who knew her … Continue reading

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