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The Irony is Almost Too Much! “Amazon Killed the Bookstore. So It’s Opening a Bookstore.”

Not kidding, folks. [This just in from Digital Book World.  Click through and read the rest of the sordid, sorry story.  I confess that I myself many years ago owned an independent bookstore–before I went to NY and publishing.] “Bookstore … Continue reading

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The Personal Library

This week’s New Yorker.  If only I were that composed and organized!!!

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Skimming over the Surface of Our Lives and Missing the Point

A disturbing and all too true assessment of our writing, lives and our times. Read it. Your life depends on it. A Memoir Is Not a Status Update  by Dani Shapiro On the absence of depth, insight and hard won … Continue reading

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Too Many Bad Books? The Status of Books Continues to Plummet

(c) Copyright 2014, Margaret Langstaff, All Rights Reserved  “When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.” –Erasmus Wow, have times changed all that much? Every author and publisher … Continue reading

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A Hortatory HEADACHE

Any honest assiduous reader must confess that looking too closely and too long at the object (s) of one’s desire can altogether cancel any beneficiary effect. [Please see previous post]. Tonight I wanted to give Thoreau and his self-righteous certitude … Continue reading

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Is Digital Reading Eroding Our Ability to Think and Reason?

“READING IS A BRIDGE TO THOUGHT” –  close reading, that is…. This is a very interesting article from the New Yorker that validates an intuition and suspicion I’ve had for a while, and it’s something that’s been needling me for … Continue reading

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BOOKS AS WIDGETS?  For the price of a sandwich?  (A short excerpt fm an essay from the New Yorker) “Afterward, [after meeting Bezos] Doeren told his partner at Rainy Day Books, “I just met the world’s biggest snake-oil salesman. It’s … Continue reading

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Emily Dickinson’s Encounters with the Sublime

© Copyright 2013, Margaret Langstaff, All Rights Reserved.                                          Nature and God – I neither knew                    Yet Both so well knew me                    They startled, like Executors                    Of My identity.—E.D. I’ve read, studied and written about … Continue reading

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Charming Paintings of Vintage Books That Smoke, Drink, and Slip on Banana Peels

I’ve imagined these … and bet other writers have too but the images were hardly as whimsical and wonderful as these …  What fun these illustrations are ….

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Have you read or are you reading PRESENT SHOCK by Douglas Rushkoff?

I am midway through it now and finding it disturbing, stimulating, revealing about many burning issues of our time. Particularly what Rushkoff has to say about: THE COLLAPSE OF NARRATIVE THE FALSE NOW THE DISSONANCE BETWEEN OUR DIGITAL LIVES AND … Continue reading

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A Valentine for Emily Dickinson

(c) Copyright 2013, Margaret Langstaff, All Rights Reserved. WARNING, STUDENTS: DO NOT COPY & PASTE We’ll get ya, count on it! For all the critical and popular acclaim she receives today, the poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) passed her life in … Continue reading

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“This Book Will Part Your Hair” Some Reflections on the Current Climate and Practice of Book Reviewing

(c) Copyright 2013, Margaret Langstaff All Rights Reserved   I’ve been at the writing game many years and have published several books along the way. Early on I used to agonize over reviews and reader comments and tie myself up … Continue reading

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