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THE MASKS OF GOD by Joseph Campbell – a Never-ending Story

I don’t usually post reviews here, but Joseph Campbell and his luminous learning and erudition continue to stun me even after my years as a graduate student–and that’s a long time ago.  He inspired my master’s thesis, “Emily Dickinson and … Continue reading

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Is Digital Reading Eroding Our Ability to Think and Reason?

“READING IS A BRIDGE TO THOUGHT” –  close reading, that is…. This is a very interesting article from the New Yorker that validates an intuition and suspicion I’ve had for a while, and it’s something that’s been needling me for … Continue reading

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Why major in humanities? Not just for a good job — for a good life–today’s WASHINGTON POST

Thank God, someone wrote a cogent, well-informed and supported piece about this (so I don’t have to). If you want to be a one dimensional moron, go for the money and a tech or highly specialized job. If you want … Continue reading

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Have you read or are you reading PRESENT SHOCK by Douglas Rushkoff?

I am midway through it now and finding it disturbing, stimulating, revealing about many burning issues of our time. Particularly what Rushkoff has to say about: THE COLLAPSE OF NARRATIVE THE FALSE NOW THE DISSONANCE BETWEEN OUR DIGITAL LIVES AND … Continue reading

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