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You Have to Be Willing to Make a Fool Out of Yourself: Some Advice to a Young Writer

(c)Copyright 2013 Margaret Langstaff, All Rights Reserved I receive many emails and questions from young writers of fiction, serious novices who have literary aspirations. Many of them are well read and well educated and as a result are so in … Continue reading

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Some Recent Articles of Interest to Writers

These are all dead on, IMHO. Worth reading if you’re serious … and committed. God knows the serious and committed among writers should be “committed” (terrible pun!) on some days after several hours of lonely toil at the craft.  Intelligent … Continue reading

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Who Will Speak for You? Why Writing Well Matters

[Note: I suspect the following is preaching to the choir for most readers of this humble blog. Even so it may prove useful to them in making a point, enlightening those under their tutelage or as fodder for a lively … Continue reading

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A Valentine for Emily Dickinson

(c) Copyright 2013, Margaret Langstaff, All Rights Reserved. WARNING, STUDENTS: DO NOT COPY & PASTE We’ll get ya, count on it! For all the critical and popular acclaim she receives today, the poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) passed her life in … Continue reading

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Pity the Poor Tortured Writers?

In a very amusing piece  “Is Writing Torture?”  the New Yorker covers the recent dust-up over the travails of the writing life among three of the unlikeliest writers ever to engage in mutual conversation, let alone a serious discussion, among … Continue reading

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“This Book Will Part Your Hair” Some Reflections on the Current Climate and Practice of Book Reviewing

(c) Copyright 2013, Margaret Langstaff All Rights Reserved   I’ve been at the writing game many years and have published several books along the way. Early on I used to agonize over reviews and reader comments and tie myself up … Continue reading

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